Shapes: Your Art Block Murder Weapon

Shape recognition is among the first things we learn as we navigate through our toddler stage. By virtue of our surroundings, we have become more-or-less shape experts, in that we easily can identify most every day objects by their shapes without having to examine the details within. In the ancient days, our ancestors’ survival depended on it.

In this exercise, we are going to take some basic, enclosed shapes and use them to draw something completely unrelated. As with any lesson or instruction, you will gain more if you actually apply what you read about. Let’s start with some random shapes I’ve generated using Blobmaker:

Random enclosed shapes made from

Using the top left blob, we can rotate, duplicate flip or scale it to create variations.

Now we can look at these shapes and turn them into something new… you can draw completely within the shape, or use the shape as a starting point and extend beyond it. There are no rules!

Make a blob into something new! The possibilities are endless.
Happy Running Dog – made from a shape!
Yoshi head: made from a duplication of a single shape

Your assignment is to take a random shape (you can make one or you can use Blobmaker) and make it into something of your own creation. When you’re finished, be sure to share it on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #killartblocknow so the KAB.N! community can check it out!


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