Art block. Two dreaded words that have hounded artists for centuries. Whether you are new to illustration or someone who has 40+ years of experience, there is a strong chance that art block has probably found you on more than one occasion.

We’ve all been there before, staring at our blank canvas with trepidation, while it silently glares back at us – daring us to make something worthy of its sacrifice. We want to create, but we seemingly can’t take the plunge for many reasons: lack of skill, fear, doubt or a combination of all three. This scenario is often described as “art block”.

The goal of “Kill Art Block. NOW!” is to provide useful, actionable tips for artists of all walks to employ. In addition to providing you, dear reader, with tips and techniques you can practice right away, this site will also include interviews with artists, with an exploration into their creative process.

Welcome to KAB.N! Let the murdering of art block begin!


Kill Art Block. NOW! is curated and maintained by Krishna M. Sadasivam, who has worked as a professional illustrator for more than 20 years. His clients have included Microsoft, Bandai Namco, CARtoons! Magazine, Georgia Pacific, White Hat Security and more. He resides in Tampa, FL with his wife and daughter. He has taught courses in media arts and animation at the University of South Florida and the Art Institute of Tampa. You can visit Krishna’s portfolio at krishnadraws.com