Kill Art Block With MagicSquire 4.0

Our tools shape the way we work. For much of my digital work, I use Adobe Photoshop. One of Photoshop’s best attributes is its expandability. With extensions, you can transform Photoshop in new, useful ways. This time around, we’re going to look at Anastasiy’s MagicSquire 4.0, which came out a few weeks ago.

MagicSquire lets you organize your brushes in a very visual way. I’ve relied on this tool since I discovered it a few years ago. MagicSquire lets users display brushes in a variety of ways, and has a built-in search tool so you can quickly find the brush you’re looking for. With MagicSquire, I no longer need to spend time scrolling through all my brushes in the Brush Panel.

MagicSquire gives artists the ability to easily organize, group, and display brushes in a more meaningful way.

With version 4.0, you can now access your brushes instantly via a Heads Up Display via a custom keyboard shortcut or your tablet’s stylus. It’s a game changer. No longer do I have to leave my canvas to select a new brush. I’ve mapped my Wacom stylus’ top button to activate MagicSquire. While I’m drawing or painting, I can easily switch between all my favorite brushes. I can work more efficiently now, thanks to the super quick access to all my favorite brushes. Thanks to MagicSquire’s HUD, I can also experiment with my brushes more freely. And experimentation is one terrific way to kill art block!

This HUD pops up when I toggle the stylus’ top button. I can easily select a brush and toggle the stylus button to hide the HUD.

MagicSquire 4.0 retails for $19 and works with all versions of Photoshop from CS5 and up. Users of earlier versions can upgrade for a discount. If you use Photoshop extensively in your creative work and you’re looking for an excellent way to organize and quickly access your favorite brushes, MagicSquire 4.0 is definitely a no-brainer purchase.