Kill Art Block with Ambient Sound Generators

I’ve learned, over the years, that sound plays a critical role in creativity. Sure, there’s music – but I find that songs tend to be very distracting when I am trying to focus. One of the ways I bring focus and a sense of serenity into my workplace is through the use of ambient sounds. These calming sounds include audio from the natural world, such as rain fall, wind chimes, a serene outdoor setting, or even a coffee shop. Many ambient sound generators even include white and brown noise generators.

Noizio is my preferred ambient sound generator

I use Noizio on my Mac. In addition to generating distinct ambient sounds, Noizio lets you combine them and control the mix. So, if you want to hear the thunder and rain but also have a coffee shop ambience going, you can. If you want the thunder and rain to be a little less in the mix, simply use the sliders to make your adjustments. Noizio costs $10 and comes in both Mac and iOS flavors. I purchased it many years ago and have been really happy with it. Noizio comes with around 30 ambient soundscapes to choose from. I typically have “Gamma Waves” on with either Rain or Starship soundscapes running in conjunction.

iOS users looking for a cheaper alternative should give Dark Noise 2 a try. At $5.99, it’s a bargain.

If you’re looking for an ambient noise generator that’s free, check out myNoise, which features a wealth of ambient sounds to chose from. There’s a diverse range of soundscapes from Gregorian chants to the hum of a starship’s engines.

Another free ambient sound generator is A Soft Murmur. Like myNoise, it lives inside your web browser. There are simple controls you can toggle to control the mix of each sound. An iOS and Android version of the app is also available, should you want to take your sounds on the go.

Ambient sounds tend to have a calming effect on me. And when I’m feeling calm and relaxed, I have better focus. And when I have better focus, I can do my best work. What about you? Do you work with ambient sounds running in the background? What apps / sites do you use?