Kill Art Block with 3D Perspective Tools

I’ve written about using 3D tools within Photoshop before. This time around, I want to share something even more useful: interactive perspective grids!

This trick is courtesy of the Youtube channel DeviantRahll, who has a very straightforward approach for creating a perspective grid within Photoshop that you can use over and over again. It’s so good, I felt it was worth sharing on this blog.

The tutorial is pretty straight forward and DeviantRahll supplies the required files you need to create your own interactive grid. Simply orbit and zoom Photoshop’s virtual 3D camera inside the cube to select your framing angle. Then begin to sketch. With a visible grid, it becomes quick work to create some very interesting camera angles. Below is grid layer overlay above the sketch. Keeping the grid on the top most layer allows you to see your sketched lines as you work.

Best of all, with this workflow, you can easily create both perspective and orthographic views as needed, simply by selecting the appropriate option in Photoshop’s Properties panel.