Kill Art Block NOW with Idea Generators

Idea Generators are incredibly useful tools to help combat art block. In this post, I’ll discuss some of my favorite generators and how they can be applied to shake off the creative cobwebs.

The mother load of idea generators can be found on Plot Generator. Pick a genre and populate the prompts. Or, if you prefer, let the generator randomly fill in components for you.

Plot Generator: Your one stop shop for kicking out the creative cobwebs.
Add your own prompts, or fill the form out with random ideas.

Hit the submit button, and boom, you have a story!

Instant plot!

The Plot Generator can be terrific for working up character designs and background layouts. You don’t have to use every element in the story. Think of the plot generator as a helpful exploration tool.

If you prefer a more detailed character study, with bio, physical characteristics, and personality, you’ll want to check out Character Generator. What I like about this generator is how comprehensive it is. Not only do you have the basics of the character, but you can also see the character’s family tree! This is a great starting point for creating contrasting character designs.

For fantasy elements, including characters and far off lands, I recommend looking at Fantasy Name Generators. It is incredibly comprehensive in its scope, with generators that are every bit as esoteric as one could wish for. There’s even a martial arts description generator!

Fantasy Name Generator is well organized and comprehensive in its scope.

Generators are just the tip of the ice berg in terms of defeating art block. The next time you feel stuck – give ’em a whirl!