Kill Art Block Now! With Art Challenges!

October hosts a bevy of art challenges, including Inktober, Drawloween, Punktober, Charactober, Rocktober, Artober and much, much more. Joining an art challenge can be a fantastic way to shake off the artistic doldrums. Each day of the month includes a specific drawing prompt.

Punktober’s 2020 prompt

Draw it and post it up on your social media. That’s it!

The best way to approach these challenges is to draw once a day. Carve out between half an hour to an hour of “me time” to draw. If you feel ambitious, you can work on more than one prompt. Some artists work ahead, while others play catch-up.

When viewing these challenges, consider applying constraints to give yourself focus. Artist Chris Samnee focuses on creating beautiful inked images of Batman for his Bat-tober challenge. Your constraints might be in the media you use or the subject matter you choose to focus on. There is no wrong answer – and that’s what makes the challenge fun!

You can use Art Challenges to level up on any specific weaknesses you have. If drawing hands is your Achille’s heel (no pun intended), try working them into each of your drawing prompts.

Don’t be afraid if you can’t complete all 31 prompts. Remember, this is a FUN activity – it should not be considered an obligation.