KAB.N! Interview with Sergiy Z

1. Who are you and how long have you been working as an artist?

My alias is Boz! Boz potatoz. Below is my goblin mascot that I use everywhere. I started my way to be a professional artist a five years ago and I am still on that journey.

Self portrait caricature Sergiy Z

2. How do you personally define art block? How often do you get art block?

I have art blocks many times when I work too much, or when I try something that is far away from my “comfort zone”. It’s rarely works well the first time.

Artwork by Sergiy Z

3. What are some specific strategies you employ when dealing with art block?

Actually, I don’t have a just one thing that always helps me. It’s complicated.  Sometimes I just draw for myself (not for work like I normally do). I also have my personal project which is satisfying and relaxing to me. Sometimes I play a good video game (mostly RPG, but not in MMO). Other times I get advice and help from fellow artists.

Artwork by Sergiy Z

4. Describe the biggest obstacle / challenge you’ve encountered working as an artist and how you overcame it.

The most difficult thing was to switch to working full-time as an artist. For some time, I had to work half-time as a courier. I also had to learn to draw and make my first commissions and projects. Only two years ago I was able to give up part-time jobs and completely work at home with just drawing.

Artwork by Sergiy Z

5. What’s your favorite, must-go-to online art resource that other artists may not be aware of? Why is it your favorite?

My favorite online resource is Artstation. It’s a big and well moderated site with so many good artists, tutorials, art events and it’s a good place for your  professional gallery!

6. Where can we see more of your work online?

My Artstation page! Stop by and say ‘hi’!

(The above interview was edited for grammar.)